Comprehensive ASRock H670 Steel Legend Review. Along with the mid-range 12th generation Intel Core processor models, a motherboard equipped with the mainstream & entry level “Intel H670/B660” chipset for LGA1700 has appeared. ASRock has produced familiar series such as “H670 PG Riptide” which is in the low price range of USD 175 and “B660M Pro RS” which is the cheapest class for an LGA1700 motherboard, priced at around USD 145. The goal is to combine it with Core i5, which has cost performance which is brilliant, and the Core i7, which has an interesting balance. Along with this, ASRock’s standard “Steel Legend” series motherboards, the H670 chipset adoption model “H670 Steel Legend” already released by ASRock on January 28, 2022. The estimated selling price is around USD 235. This time I tried the H670 Steel Legend before it was released, so I will introduce its features and performance. ASRock Motherboard “H670 Steel Legend” with good cost performance — ideal for 12th generation Core i5 / i7 combination Before touching the H670 Steel Legend, let’s first review the dif…
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